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What can your Will do?

What do you think when you hear the word “Will?” Does it bring to mind legal jargon, dividing up assets, and all the what-ifs the future can hold? These days, Will are going far beyond that.

Most people don’t use their Wills to the fullest. They miss the opportunity to do more for their family, their finances, and the future world. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Will Power campaign, to make Hamilton Conservation Foundation supporters aware they can change the world with their Will.

Do you know what your Will can do? Take this fun, 5-minute quiz to find out.

Over 3 million Canadians have joined the movement to create “ethical Wills” – Wills that pass down your assets, and also your values by supporting the causes you care about.

Think of ethical Wills as protecting your people, your property, and the planet (a.k.a., your triple bottom line). When you leave a charitable gift in your Will, you can take care of loved ones, make a significant impact on Conservation, and save money on taxes.

Take the quiz and test your knowledge – challenge your friends and family to see if they can beat your score! We hope you’re surprised by what your Will can do!

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