Trail Improvements

One of the best ways to explore the great natural wonders of our region is by trail. Over the past 20 years an extensive network of 140 km of converted rail corridors and other multi-use trails have been developed to provide important links to conservation lands, heritage sites, the Niagara Escarpment, Lake Ontario waterfront, TransCanada Trail and  neighbouring municipalities. HCA trails offer excellent opportunities for recreation and appreciation of our natural assets, while underpinning our efforts to secure a healthy, sustainable community for future generations.

The Foundation actively supports the movement to develop and maintain trails and corridors through the Hamilton watershed’s beautiful natural areas. For more than 35 years we have spearheaded fundraising efforts to support these and other projects that help preserve and rehabilitate important conservation lands, recreational areas and heritage sites ensuring they are accessible for generations to come.

To learn more about the Hamilton watershed’s spectacular trail network and Conservation Areas please click here.

Our current focus is on improving the 40km Dundas Valley Conservation Area trail network. The area’s spectacular beauty is increasingly popular with hikers, runners, cyclists and equestrians. As a result of increased use and our changing climate, the Dundas Valley’s cherished trails are under increasing pressure. In order to maintain community access to this shared treasure, we are soliciting donations to help us lay and compact gravel along the most heavily used sections. This will decrease the incidence of storm washouts and erosion with the added benefit of ensuring that trails are passable during wet and rainy periods.

If our area’s scenic trails are close to your heart, please click here to make a donation in support of trail improvements.

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Construction of the new wetlands at Saltfleet Conservation Area, which will include grading activity, vegetation and tree removal, and heavy equipment on-site, has begun. The area is closed to the public while this work is being carried out. Please visit

Our recent Meet the Board feature introduced the hard-working people behind the scenes at @HamiltonConsFDN who make delivering on our mission possible!
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