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Support Your Loved Ones AND Make a Difference

You have more power to make a difference to Conservation than you realize, when you leave a charitable gift in your Will. Leaving even a small portion of your estate to charity can result in a bigger contribution than you ever thought possible, while still supporting those you love. In short, you can do both!

Hamilton Conservation Foundation has partnered with Will Power, a national effort to show Canadians the power they have to do more with their Will. I encourage you to try out the free and easy to use legacy calculator on our Will Power page to see what you can do with your Will.

You may be surprised to see that even 1% left to the Hamilton Conservation Foundation in your Will can have an enormous impact on Conservation, while still leaving 99% of your estate for loved ones. 

There are many benefits to giving in this way, including some potentially significant tax savings. Take a look at the free resources and tools on the Will Power website to learn about better ways to give, and connect with financial advisors to discuss how to maximize your donations.

If you have questions about helping Conservation through Hamilton Conservation Foundation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.

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