Legacy Gift Planning

Cherish It. Protect it.

Planning a legacy gift is a wonderful way for you to cherish and protect Hamilton’s beautiful natural lands and their cultural heritage. Your gift will not only leave you with a wonderful feeling of goodwill and fulfillment, it will also help to:

  • Acquire, protect and restore natural areas.
  • Connect future generations with nature and educate them about the importance of conservation.
  • Bring our area’s rich cultural heritage to life at Westfield Heritage Village.
  • Maintain and improve the trails that provide public access to our area’s most spectacular natural spaces.

The Foundation will accept gifts of money, land and property, and issue charitable tax receipts according to the Canada Revenue Agency guidelines.

Whether you are motivated by the desire to protect the lands and trails you enjoy, are successful and wish to give back to your community, feel strongly about an environmental issue, or simply want your legacy to be remembered, please contact us to have a non-committal discussion about how you might plan your legacy gift to accomplish your philanthropic goals. We would be delighted to hear from you.

If you would simply like to confirm that you have planned a gift to the Foundation in your estate, please Legacy_Gift_Confirmation.

 “For more than 40 years my family lived on a 25 acre parcel of land in the heart of the Dundas Valley. Living here always took us away, providing the feeling that we were 1000 miles away from any urban city. It’s very rare to have the gem that Hamilton enjoys with the Valley, we’re not making any more land and the priceless resource that is our natural space must be protected. Future generations rely on the efforts of volunteers and expert staff to maintain and improve the natural landscape.

Each of us has a responsibility to leave the land better than when we found it. My family and I contribute to the well being of conservation lands as part of my belief in giving back. We’ve aided in the planting of several thousand trees on the property in hopes that our legacy will be one of stewardship. We’ve been fortunate to spend much of our lives getting pleasure from the natural environment that has surrounded us and now we give to share the Valley with others.”

Bill Filer ~ August 2011

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