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Legacy Calculator: Tax season is the best time to think about your future … and what comes after

Tax season is as good time as any to take stock of your financial situation, and that includes thinking about what will happen to your money after you’re gone.

That’s the message behind Will Power™, a national initiative encouraging Canadians to create positive change in the world by leaving a gift to charity in their Will, after taking care of loved ones of course.

Hamilton Conservation Foundation has once again partnered with Will Power™ this year and if you are  interested in learning firsthand about the potential impact you can have on conservation through the Foundation,  the Will Power™ Legacy Calculator will help you do just that.

Tax time is the one opportunity we have each year to seriously think about where we stand financially and the message is simple: take advantage of tax season to plan out your charitable giving so that you can do more. Planning to give even 1% of your estate to charity might turn into the single biggest donation you make in your lifetime.

The Foundation’s page on the Will Power™ website provides information on how we will put future bequests to use. The site also provides links to advice on estate planning and Will writing, and tax saving tips.  You can also connect with advisors to take that first step towards leaving a charitable bequest in your Will.

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