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Why we need your support

Hamilton Conversation Authority (HCA), a lead environmental management organization in the Hamilton area, needs our help.

While government funding supports administration and water management in the watershed, the work of HCA extends into many other areas such as outdoor education, recreation, environmental planning and land management, which impact the overall health of the watershed. Annually, the Authority must generate a significant portion of its operating budget through user fees and business initiatives. Fundraising helps to close gaps and enhance the work of HCA.

The Foundation helps to ensure the important conservation work of the HCA continues by raising awareness, funds and resources. We need your help to protect more natural lands now, and to teach our children to respect and understand their natural and cultural heritage, and the need to conserve it.

How we use your generous contributions

Natural Lands Conservation – Raising funds and resources to study, manage, buy and enhance significant ecological lands and natural corridors.

Education – Supporting and promoting outdoor, conservation and cultural education among children, families, eco-volunteers and private landowners.

Cultural Heritage – Preserving our history, culture and heritage in the Hamilton watershed and at Westfield Heritage Village.

Special Projects – Foundation donations also support special projects such as new trail developments, tree and shrub plantings and new conservation areas.

These include:

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