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Environmental educators back in the classrooms

Thanks to the ongoing generosity of our wonderful supporters, the Step Into Nature Fund is continuing to connect Hamilton’s students with the natural world. While students aren’t exploring Conservation Areas just yet, the return of in-class learning in September brought with it the return of the Nature on Wheels program.

Through the Nature on Wheels program, Hamilton Conservation Authority teacher naturalists visit classrooms across the city for curriculum-focused lessons about the environment. The program is working primarily with students from K-8 on a set of lessons called What’s Alive; Habitats and Communities and Diversity of Living Things. These lessons teach children about the diverse ecosystems that exist right here in Hamilton and why they’re so important to our communities. Despite not being able to deliver these lessons in Conservation Areas, they remain incredibly popular.

These lessons are only possible because supporters like you continue to donate to the Step Into Nature Fund. As Covid-19 related restrictions continue to relax, we know students are eager to get back to learning about the environment in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area. Thanks to your support, our educators will be there to welcome them back when that time comes.

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