Endowment Funds

Your endowment gift ensures funding for the long term

Establishing or contributing to an endowment or trust with the Foundation helps build stable funding for the long term. To sustain annual operations, HCA relies on self-generated revenues from park fees, land and facility rentals, grants and donations.

When a donation is made to an endowed fund, the capital is invested and the interest used to offset annual costs, so as we build endowment funds we ensure the long-term sustainability of the important work of HCA.

The Foundation has four endowment funds:

Eramosa Karst Operations Endowment Fund
In November, 2006, the Heritage Green Community Trust announced its donation of $1.5M toward the development of the new Eramosa Karst Conservation Area in east Hamilton and Stoney Creek Mountain in celebration of HCA’s 50th anniversary. Of this total, $750,000 was used to begin an Eramosa Karst endowment to provide annual funds for the ongoing operations and maintenance of the conservation area. As urban development expands on the east mountain, pressures on the natural landscape will increase. Your donations will help ensure the area is properly managed for present and future generations.

Dobson-McKee Family Environmental Education Endowment Fund
The Dobson-McKee family created this endowment in 2007 to honour their parents, Wilma F. McKee and Thomas S. Dobson who grew up in the Dundas Valley. The endowment celebrates family traditions in the Dundas area and recognizes the importance of environmental education. The Dobson-McKee siblings, Richard, Nancy and Virginia invite others who share their passion to contribute to this fund and help sustain HCA’s outdoor environmental education programs.

Alan G. Stacey Land Endowment Fund
Past HCA Chairman Al Stacey is passionate about the acquisition and protection of natural lands. As HCA board member, vice-chair and chairman over a period of 25-years, he worked closely with staff to acquire 530 hectares of environmentally significant lands and develop two rail trails. This endowment is used to help acquire, manage and maintain conservation lands.

Westfield Endowment Fund
This fund was established in December 2002, by supporters of Westfield Heritage Village. Interest from the endowment is used to support the annual operations, maintenance and programming at Westfield.

For more information on any of our Endowment Funds, please contact us.


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