Westfield Heritage Village and Cultural Heritage

Preserving our history, culture and built heritage in the Hamilton watershed 

In preserving the beautiful natural lands of the Hamilton watershed, the Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) has come to steward rich array of heritage buildings, archaeological sites and artefacts. Our community’s cultural heritage is worthy of preservation and sites such as the Hermitage, Crooks Hollow and the Dundas Valley aboriginal portage route form an important part of our community identity.

In 2015 and 2016, donations to the Foundation helped to restore the Hermitage Ruins in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area. Years of weathering and stopgap measures had left the ruins at serious risk of collapse. Stabilizing the ruins was an expensive and complicated process, but donations helped to ensure that restoration efforts were as comprehensive and long-lasting as possible, ensuring that the ruins would be around to capture the imaginations of generations to come.

We are also extraordinarily proud to support the rich cultural heritage that gets brought to life every day at Westfield Heritage Village. Westfield is a collection of over 30 heritage buildings and 25,000 historical artefacts located in Rockton. Westfield is owned and operated by HCA but is truly the work of a dedicated group of hundreds of dedicated volunteers who work as costumed interpreters, craft leaders, education program leaders and countless other roles that bring history to life for thousands of visitors every year.

The Foundation is incredibly lucky to partner with a group of volunteers called the Friends of Westfield to raise funds for improvements to Westfield. In recent years, the Friends of Westfield have fundraised to restore the Misener House, the Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railway’s Locomotive 103 and the Westbrook House.

If bringing our area’s rich cultural heritage is close to your heart, please click here to donate to support Westfield Heritage Village.

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