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Friends of Westfield get creative to support Heritage Village during lockdown

Volunteers from the Friends of Westfield continue to run the Village’s popular Gift Shop.

With their popular in-person fundraising events on-hold for the time being, the Friends of Westfield have been hard at work finding new ways to raise funds for Westfield Heritage Village. The normally bustling Westfield Heritage Village usually hosts a spring plant sale, Chinese Dinner and all sorts of creative one-off events through the year. Of course, these were all put on hold. 

Physical-distancing efforts allowed the volunteer-run gift shop to remain open with limited capacity but volunteers were eager to do more. Volunteers launched an online holiday art auction featuring local artist Barbara Galway which turned out to be a huge success! Several online fundraisers have followed with more planned for the months to come! Future auctions will be held on the Friends of Westfield’s page on

As a result of all of their hard work and creativity, The Friends of Westfield were able to end their year with a $10,000 donation to the Hamilton Conservation Foundation in support of Westfield Heritage Village. We can’t possibly thank them enough for this incredible support!

Westfield’s Iconic Locomotive #103 Needs Your Support

Westfield’s iconic locomotive has charmed visitors for decades, instantly bringing them a warm sense of old-world charm at the heart of the Heritage Village. Decades of exposure to the elements have left the locomotive needing major maintenance beyond what the Village’s kind-hearted volunteers can offer. An initial estimate pegs the cost of these repairs at $50,000.

The Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo #103 locomotive was built in 1910 in Montreal. This Class “G” consolidated type steam locomotive is one of only two of its kind to be preserved. It was retired and moved in 1956 and placed in Gage Park in Hamilton. It was again moved to Westfield in 1977 to join the Jerseyville station, section tool house and caboose.

Volunteers have provided much needed repair and restoration over the years. The locomotive tender, however, is quickly deteriorating from exposure to the elements and its restoration is a big project that requires specialized equipment and facilities.  Left to rust, the tender would eventually fall apart and collapse. The engine also needs some repair and a new paint job to slow down further deterioration.

The TH & B “#103” is an integral part of Westfield’s historical railway display and a unique and important part of Canada’s heritage.

Click here to donate today and help ensure that the locomotive can captivate a new generation of visitors to Westfield!