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2020-2021 Fiscal Year Highlights

Our Annual General Meeting took place earlier this month where we shared some highlights from the past fiscal year (December 1, 2020 to November 30, 2021). These included:

  • A total of $410,445 was raised through donations, grants and endowment interest
  • The Foundation Board approved the transfer of $226,487 to the Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) for the year’s conservation projects. These funds enabled HCA to:
  • Complete the design plans for engineered wetlands at the Saltfleet Conservation Area;
  • Continue to provide our Environmental Education Program in a remote-learning format to ensure students were still learning about conservation;
  • Make improvements to the Dundas Valley trail and bridge system;
  • Replace aging educational interpretive signage in the Bruce Duncan Teaching Garden;
  • Increase species diversity and reduce invasive knapweed at Valens Conservation Area by planting native trees, shrubs and plants;
  • Increase species diversity and support pollinators, birds and other wildlife, at the newly-reopened Mount Albion Conservation Area, by planting native trees, shrubs and plants.

We continue to be grateful to you, our donors, for your support through these uncertain times, ensuring that programs and projects received the funding needed to continue.

Click here to review the Foundation’s full Audited Financial Statements.

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