Back to School and Back to Nature

Outdoor Environmental Education teacher-naturalist James O’Neill shows families around the Dundas Valley Conservation Area on a guided hike at the end of August.

Now that we are well into September, we are waking up to chillier mornings and little pockets of leaves are starting to hint that Fall is just around the corner. This is an exciting time of year out in our Conservation Areas. Schools are back in session and classes are once again exploring the Dundas Valley Conservation Area as part of our Outdoor Environmental Education program.

Our Outdoor Environmental Education program provides classes with curriculum-focused field trips to the Dundas Valley CA. These sessions bring classroom lessons to life in the great outdoors. Every year, over 5,000 students are able to benefit from this experience.

Those students get to enjoy the Valley because of donations from generous people like you. Donations fund our Outdoor Environmental Education program and ensure that, despite increasing budget pressures on schools and Conservation Authorities, Hamilton’s students will still get their day in the Valley.

To all of you who continue to support this program with donations to our Outdoor Environmental Education Fund: thank you!