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Volunteer groups start pulling invasive species from Conservation Areas and private lands

The EcoCise series of volunteer events is run by the Hamilton Watershed Stewardship Program and Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) Ecology department. Their work is supported in part by donations to the Foundation’s Stewardship Fund.

A staff member removed Japanese Knotweed at the edge of the Dundas Valley Conservation Area.

While acres of garlic mustard and phragmites are a formidable foe, a group of volunteers has formed to help limit the spread of invasive species across the Hamilton watershed. Organized by the Hamilton Watershed Stewardship Program and HCA Ecology Department, the volunteers get together every few weeks to do something positive for the environment and enjoy some of the wellness benefits of exercise and time spent outdoors in the process.

With three events completed to date, the group has removed dozens of bags of japanese knotweed and garlic mustard with plans to continue their efforts through the rest of the summer.

Three further invasive removal days are planned along with six litter cleanup days.

If you or a group you know are interested in getting involved
with an EcoCise event, please email

To donate in support of these efforts, visit our donation page and select
“Hamilton Watershed Stewardship Program” as the donation recipient.