Hamilton Port Authority donation celebrates impact of Spencer Creek habitat improvements on broader Harbour ecosystem.

Decades of urbanization have degraded the creek’s ecological function. A few small tweaks have made it a whole lot more hospitable to native fish species.

A new set of habitat improvements to Lower Spencer Creek, undertaken in 2018, has already begun to improve the ecological productivity of the creek system. A donation from the Hamilton Port Authority will help educate visitors about the benefits of the little-known project.

To anyone hiking along the Lower Spencer Creek Rail Trail near Cootes Drive, the improvements are hard to notice, let alone understand. The salmon, walleye and other species that use the creek, however, see things a little differently. With riffle pools, brush layering and boulder clusters, the creek now boasts a number of features these species need in order to forage, spawn and thrive.

Thanks to the Hamilton Port Authority, two panels will be installed along the trail to explain just how these habitat improvements will impact Lower Spencer Creek, Cootes Paradise and the larger Hamilton Harbour ecosystem.