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Cider Shack project moving forward in the heart of the Dundas Valley CA

Fundraising efforts for the $50,000 project are already half-way complete.

Efforts to renovate the Merrick Cider Shack in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area are moving ahead with plans taking shape and fundraising getting underway.

The Cider Shack, set in the middle of the former orchard turned meadow, is in the heart of a biodiversity hot spot. The open spaces surrounding the Shack will provide great bird watching for visitors as well as children taking part in Hamilton Conservation Authority’s Outdoor  Environmental Education program.

Barn Swallow project aims to provide vital habitat to Species at Risk at Meadowlands CA

A new barn swallow habitat structure will help decrease nesting along the facades of nearby homes.

Barn swallows have begun nesting in the archways of homes adjacent to the Meadowlands Conservation Area. The Conservation Area has great foraging lands and plenty of mud, an essential part of their nests. What the area lacks, however, is a suitable nesting structure.

With a $5,000 fundraising goal, the project build a new structure in the Conservation Area so that Barn Swallows can continue to nest and avoid confrontations with area homeowners.

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New Tribute Trees program will help kickstart planting projects throughout Hamilton watershed

Trees play an important role in our environment. Among other things, they provide shade and cooling, hold pollutants and carbon, and provide food and habitat for our birds and other species. Planting a tree is the easiest thing we can do to improve our quality of life now and for
future generations.

And now there’s a way for you to help us plant more trees, while recognizing someone.

The Hamilton Conservation Foundation’s Tribute Tree Program provides an opportunity to commemorate a special occasion or the life of a loved one. A donation of $125 to the Foundation’s Tribute Trees will be directed to our Planting Fund and will be used to plant native trees and shrubs where they’re needed most in the Hamilton Watershed.

A charitable receipt will be provided for your contribution.

In addition, the name of the individual or organization being honoured will be recognized on signage in the Beckett Forest in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area starting in summer 2019. An acknowledgement of your tribute will also be sent directly to the person or organization being recognized or to the family of the person being remembered.

To find out more about the program and make a donation, please click here.

Eramosa Karst Volunteer Plantings help buffer natural areas from housing developments and educate neighbours on the value of meadow habitat

As Hamilton’s population and housing needs grow, more and more pressure is placed on our watershed’s natural areas. The Friends of the Eramosa Karst (FOTEK) are making things easier on the natural world.

When neighbours of the Eramosa Karst CA Feeder Lands started mowing the areas behind their properties, they likely thought they were just cleaning up the weeds. The Feeder Lands, which surround the Conservation Area to the North, East and South, host vital habitat for butterflies, breeding birds and a number of Species at Risk. Continue reading

Remembering Past-Chair Hugh Clark, a volunteer, donor and friend of conservation.

Quiet, behind the scenes approach helped raise money for countless Conservation Foundation projects spanning four decades.

It was with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Foundation Past Chair, Hugh Clark, at the end of August. Hugh was a passionate conservationist and served on the
Foundation’s Board of Directors from 1977 to 1996, serving as chair from 1988 to 1991.

Both as a Director and Chairman, Hugh’s passion for Land Acquisition played a vital role in securing hundreds of acres of wetlands throughout the Spencer Creek headwaters. As Chair
of the Foundation’s Land Acquisition Committee, Hugh used his contacts to secure gifts from a number of local corporations, Foundations and service clubs which helped the Conservation Authority acquire parcels of land in the Beverly Swamp and Fletcher Creek. Continue reading