Plantings at Tew Falls seek to protect sensitive Escarpment habitat

The extraordinary popularity of waterfalls is impressive, but it continues to put an undue strain on some of our area’s rarest and most sensitive habitats.

Lands in the Spencer Gorge feature some of the only stretches of the Niagara Escarpment which face southward, making them an ideal habitat for Species at Risk. The lands are also a popular hiking spot with local thrill-seekers, who continue to venture off-trails and encroach on the escarpment. While these adventures offer extraordinary views, they also harm local plant populations.

In an aim to curb this damage, the Foundation is raising funds for native species plantings in strategic areas on and adjacent to Escarpment slopes. These plantings, along with additional fencing and signage are expected to discourage off-trail use and improve the prospects of the Species at Risk that call the area home.