TD grant recycles propane cylinders and keeps conservation areas clean

Anyone who has had the pleasure of cooking on a camping trip will be familiar with the ubiquitous green propane cylinders which fuel camping stoves. While these cylinders are commonplace, their disposal has long been a sustainability nightmare for local campgrounds.

In recent years, Ontario Parks introduced their OrangeDrop program with high-visibility bins where campers can dispose of their cylinders responsibly before they are transported to local recycling facilities.

As a result of a grant from TD Friends of the Environment Foundation and donations to the Hamilton Conservation Foundation, Fifty Point CA, Christie Lake CA and Valens Lake CA now host OrangeDrop bins and plenty of educational signage to ensure that cylinders are recycled.

Before this program was introduced, canisters were often found in trash cans or worse, tossed in an inconspicuous area of brush. Now that the recycling program has launched, staff who once discovered littered canisters on a daily basis are going weeks without finding them.