Sulphur Springs Trail Race continues legacy of support for Dundas Valley CA trail projects

Four people stand behind a large novelty cheque commemorating a donation.

(left to right) Andrea Sloan, co-Race Director, Tim Nelson, co-Race Director, Ine Wauben, Foundation Chair and Grace Correia, Foundation Executive Director

The Burlington Runners Club will hold their annual Sulphur Springs Trail Race in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area on the weekend of May 26-27. We were lucky enough to host their Race Directors, Tim and Andrea, at our February Board of Directors meeting. Tim and Andrea brought the proceeds from the 2017 event which totaled $4,800.

The decades-old annual run has played a vital role in caring for the 40km Dundas Valley CA Trail Network with event proceeds supporting the Dundas Valley Trails Fund. In recent years these donations have been used to install new bridge crossings, stabilize trail washouts and lay screenings to improve trail resilience.