Students thrill at Dundas Valley experience

Students run along the trails in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area.

With the Foundation’s increased commitment to the Outdoor Environmental Education Program and donations to the Education Fund being more important than ever, we thought we’d share a letter sent to our program staff.

Hi Beth, Thank-you so much for having the Hess Street School students. The guides for orienteering and our hike were excellent with the students. I know my kids can be a challenging group and both Sandy and Jamie (I think I have the name correct) were amazing and very professional. One of my students described the woods as “Just like a painting”. I am very grateful they had the opportunity to see the Dundas Valley!
~Lorraine Cooper, Grade 5/6, Hess Street School

Hamilton Conservation Authority is only able to offer this program because of generous people like you. Starting this January, donations to the Foundation now provide 100% of HCA’s contribution to the program. For your help in making this happen, we cannot thank you enough. With your support, we look forward to getting more students just like Ms. Cooper’s Grade 5/6 class learning about the environment outdoors.