Your donations are helping kids connect with nature

When government funding for Outdoor Environmental Education ended in the late 1990s, many thought the Dundas Valley Conservation Area had hosted its final classes. Two decades later, the program is stronger and more vital than ever thanks to the generosity of people like you.

To cope with increased demand for time spent in nature, our education program has partnered once again with the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board to dramatically increase the number of school trips available to Hamilton’s public schools.

These programs are supported by the school board’s budget and donations to the Foundation’s Outdoor Environmental Education Fund. This increased demand means that we are putting more donor dollars to work than ever before. Our fundraising target for the 2018 Outdoor Environmental Education program will rise to $125,000 from its 2010-2017 level of $55,000.

With increased screen time, poor physical activity levels and changing lifestyles, time spent outdoors is more important to healthy child development than ever before.

We are extraordinarily fortunate to have donors who care about this program. Your support is more important and more impactful than ever before.