Community members planting trees on a sunny day

More Trees for Hamilton Please!

More Trees for Hamilton Please!

We submitted our tree planting project to the AVIVA Community Fund for consideration. Now it’s your turn to vote in order to get our project funded! Register for an account and vote for our project before the end of the day on Thursday, October 19th and you’ll help us get trees in the ground. All in the click of a button!

Click here to vote now!

We’ve put together a little FAQ below in case you want to know more:

What is your project?

It’s called More Trees for Hamilton Please! It’s a $30,000 effort to plant approximately 1,500 trees throughout the Hamilton Habour watershed on lands managed by the Hamilton Conservation Authority.

We’ve lost a lot of trees in Hamilton due to disease (emerald ash borer), weather damage and other detrimental impacts. We’ve picked out areas where we can replace the trees we’ve lost with health native trees. We’ve even identified a few plantings which we can accomplish with volunteer groups who are always eager to get involved.

How many trees will you plant with $30,000?

We’re looking to plant 1,500 trees with this funding. That means an average cost of $20 per tree.

Why does it cost so much to plant a tree?

We could plant thousands more seedlings for $30,000 but they wouldn’t have the best chance at survival. Trees in 1 and 2 gallon pots have had the best survival rates on most of our lands. The cost of $20/tree also includes the labour to plant them (when volunteers aren’t feasible), the cost of having them watered afterwards, the cost of having sites prepared for planting, the cost of guards or wraps if the trees need protection from deer or rodents and the cost of equipment and labour to prepare the planting sites ahead of time. Each tree planting site is different and requires a special plan to give the trees the best chance at survival. The $20 figure is an average based on the successful plantings we’ve had.

Where are we going to put these trees?

All over the Hamilton watershed! Right now we really need trees in Valens Lake CA and Christie Lake CA where we’re transitioning pine plantations from the 1970s into diverse, Carolinian forests. We also have a number of sites at Fifty Point CA and Eramosa Karst CA with new sites being identified regularly!

When will these trees be planted?

We’re aiming to use this funding in the Spring and Fall 2018 planting seasons. If we don’t get everything into the ground in 2018, we’ll use it in Spring, 2019 as well!

Who will plant these trees?

Wherever possible we’ll put volunteer groups to work planting these trees. We have a huge group of volunteers eager to help plant trees. At the same time, some of our tree planting sites aren’t good fits for volunteer groups for safety and accessibility reasons. For those sites we’ll use Conservation Authority staff.

How can I help?

Vote today using the link above! If you really want to be a superstar, share this page on your Facebook or Twitter account and encourage your friends and family to get involved too!

When does voting end?

We have until the end of Thursday, October 19th to vote.