Donations help Dundas Valley trails bounce back from spring washouts.

Top: Carissa Bishop, Dundas Valley Superintendent (left) presents a cheque on behalf of event participants to Ine Wauben, Foundation Chair (left) and Scott Peck, HCA Deputy CAO (centre).
Bottom: The Sulphur Springs Trail Race’s 200km run gets underway in the Dundas Valley CA organized by the Burlington Runners Club.

With the continued support of the equestrian and running communities a significant set of repairs has been completed on the 40km Dundas Valley trail system. Sections of the John White and Spring Creek Trails were washed out during an April 20th storm that saw over 70mm of rain overnight. Work to repair the trails was completed in August along with work to replace seven aging and weather-battered trail bridges in the Conservation Area.

With the proceeds of May’s Sulphur Springs Trail Race and August’s Dundas Valley Equestrian Campout, the Foundation was able to provide enough funding for the necessary repairs. The Burlington Runners Club have now invested over $70,000 in the Dundas Valley Trails Fund with many members making significant individual contributions above and beyond that total. The annual Equestrian Campout fundraiser itself has also generated over $200,000 since its beginning in the mid-1990s. The Foundation greatly appreciates the extraordinary support of the equestrian and running communities.