Stream restoration at Christie Lake turning heads.

The first phase of the massive habitat restoration project is complete thanks to a grant from the Federal Government’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans!

In an effort to improve the ecological function of the Christie Lake Conservation Area, the first of six former fishing ponds along Spencer Creek’s tributaries has been decommissioned. As a result, cold-water stream habitat has been restored. While fishing remains popular at Christie Lake in the main reservoir, the restored natural stream channels leading into the reservoir will provide increased habitat for native fish and amphibians. It will also increase water quality through decreased stream velocity, erosion and sedimentation.

before and after vert-001

The remaining five fishing ponds will be taken off-line in the coming years as funding becomes available. While the long-term project is a long way away from completion, the immediate results are astounding! Complimentary wetland plantings are planned for the fall and spring and will continue to improve the already impressive ecological diversity of the Conservation Area.