Pitching in for parkland

At her parents’ home in Dundas for a month-long break from her studies, it didn’t take Jasmine Baetz long to change the valley town for the better!

The accomplished potter, inspired by her parents’ (Brian and Rashne Baetz) involvement with the EcoPark Campaign, has donated over 140 hand-crafted cups to support the EcoPark Campaign. Jasmine is quick to offer some insight into her motivation: “I grew up listening to my parents talk about this very special land – the future [Cootes to Escarpment] EcoPark [System] – and how important it is to protect it. I’m so happy to see the extent of the EcoPark Campaign and wanted to make a contribution to the effort.”


Each cup is hand-decorated with a tree on the side and the words “Dundas” and “EcoPark” stamped underneath. The cups are available while quantities last at Cafe Domestique at 12 Miller’s Lane in Dundas. They can be purchased for $10 with all proceeds going to the EcoPark Campaign.

Jasmine’s work can be seen at jasminebaetz.com.