Fifty Point goes to the Birds

For years, Fifty Point Conservation Area has been the best kept secret in the world of birding. When pelagic birds (ocean birds or birds that spend most of their time on large open bodies of water) look to nest, many of them find their way to the Western end of Lake Ontario, known as an International Important Birding Area (IIBA). Even though Hamilton is a long way from the Atlantic Ocean, the shoreline area provides a perfect spot for nesting, making Fifty Point “one of the best places in North America to view pelagic birds in a fresh water location” according to Mr. Ron Pittaway, one of Ontario’s most respected birders.

A grant from the Hamilton Industrial Environmental Association (HIEA) will help the Foundation and Conservation Authority to tell visitors about Fifty Point’s significance in the world of birding. “HIEA is thrilled to be able to support such an exciting project that will allow citizens the opportunity to learn about and view these ‘special’ visitors to the Hamilton area,” exclaimed HIEA staffer Karen Logan. HIEA’s grant will fund construction of a viewing platform at Fifty Point and interpretive signage at both Fifty Point and an existing platform at Confederation Park.

Young lady looking out over water at Fifty Point in summer.