Monthly Archives: September 2013

Baby Cacti Adoptions Help Put the Cactus Back in the Cactus Festival and Support the EcoPark Campaign

The Thirsty Cactus and the Hamilton Conservation Foundation helped put the Cactus Back in the Cactus Festival during the weekend and provided good homes to many baby cacti during the Festival. All donations received for the cacti went to the Dundas EcoPark Campaign for the remediation of the former Ben Veldhuis Greenhouse site which will include trails, plantings, a meeting place, a chimney swift habitat, and a public art installation.

Approximately $1,625 was raised through the baby cacti adoption. The cacti were generously donated by Cleone Sorensen (formerly Veldhuis) of Sorensen Greenhouses of California. Cleone grew up in Dundas at the former greenhouse site with her parents and siblings. Said Cathy Nesbitt, Manager of The Thirsty Cactus, “It was a wonderful opportunity to connect the community with the origins of the Cactus Festival and provide donations to the EcoPark Campaign.” For more information or to donate click here. To donate by phone call 905-525-2181.