2017 Equestrian Campout Fundraiser



Update 2017-07-17: Equestrian Campout Merchandise is now available!

Click here to check out the photos on the EventBrite page and place your order by clicking on the Tickets button for pickup at the event. Merchandise can be ordered on its own or added to your event registration. A limited number of tanks and tees will be made available for sale at the event – hoodies are presale only. Get your orders in before July 27th and join us for a weekend of horse camping fun in the Dundas Valley! All proceeds from merchandise will be donated to the Hamilton Conservation Foundation for continued trail and bridge maintenance in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area.

Update 2017-06-15: Online Registration is now live! Click here to register through EventBrite.

The Hamilton Conservation Foundation and Hamilton Conservation Authority are hosting our annual Equestrian Campout at the Dundas Valley Conservation Area August 11th-13th in support of the Dundas Valley Trail System. Each year, we host hundreds of participants who arrive from all over Ontario to camp for the weekend with their horses.  We provide numerous activities throughout the weekend including a Poker Run, Guided Trail Rides, Silent Auction, Raffle Table, light lunch, and BBQ dinner. The event has been running for over 10 years and has raised more $200,000 which has provided for numerous trail restorations and the installation of horse-friendly bridges in the Dundas Valley.

Just in case you’ve never heard of us before, the Dundas Valley is a 3,500 acre conservation area composed of lush Carolinian forests, colourful meadows, cold-water streams, stunning geological formations and an array of rare plants, birds and wildlife. The 40-kilometre trail system developed and maintained by the HCA and the Bruce Trail provides multi-use access for hikers, cyclists and equestrians to almost every part of the Dundas Valley. The Dundas Valley is organized along three major trails:

  1. the Main Loop Trail which includes several secondary trails branching from it;
  2. the Bruce Trail; and
  3. Canada’s first inter-urban rail trail – the 32-kilometre Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail- which is one of the region’s most important hiking, cycling and equestrian routes.

Before you join us for the weekend, here are some facts to be help prepare for your stay:

Registration Fees:

  • $95 per rider for the weekend (includes Friday and Saturday night campout)
  • $70 per rider for Saturday only
  • **Discounts available for OEF members**
  • Register early for an early bird discount and pay only $85 for the weekend!

To register now, please call 905-525-2181 ext. 112 or visit our EventBrite page by clicking here!


Trail Etiquette:

  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times – please stoop and scoop after your dog to help keep our conservation area clean.
  • Stay on the main trails – there are many rare and sensitive plants and small animals that are easily damaged or hurt if you leave the trails.
  • Keep to the right and allow other users to pass on your left.
  • Let other trail users know you’re there – call out before passing.
  • Please pack out what you pack in.
  • No galloping on trails.


1. What time can I arrive to set-up?

  • If you plan on camping for both Friday and Saturday night, we suggest arriving to the park around noon on Friday. This will provide ample time to set up camp and secure a parking spot suitable for your truck and trailer, while still allowing time for an afternoon trail ride.
  • If you plan on camping for Saturday night only, we suggest arriving as early as possible on Saturday morning to secure a parking spot.
  • Just coming for the day’s events on Saturday? Feel free to stop by whenever you like – we will have a reserved parking section for day-use participants on Saturday.

2. Can I reserve a camping site?

  • Locations are on a first come, first served basis – unfortunately we are unable to reserve any specific camping spots

3. Where will my horse sleep?

  • A highline rope is tied and provided for campers set up down the main parking lot aisle. Participants are welcome to tie their horse to the highline, but you will need to provide any equipment required to secure your horse. Please note that space is limited on the highline.
  • Some participants also choose to set up temporary corrals for their horses. You are welcome to bring portable fencing, but please note that spaces are limited and shared to accommodate all our guests.

4. Are meals and food provided during the weekend?

  • Join us for our potluck on Friday night! Bring along your favourite dish and meet and greet with other campers.
  • Coffee is provided each morning for campers and a light lunch and a BBQ dinner are provided on Saturday.
  • All other meals and snacks are the responsibility of campers.

5. Can you tell me about the Guided Trail Rides?

  • The Dundas Valley Conservation Area has numerous barns and equestrian facilities located within close proximity to our property. Many of the boarders and horse owners willingly donate their time each year to take newcomers through our trail system.
  • Guided rides take place on Saturday morning with groups leaving at 10:00am, 11:00am and 12:00pm.
  • Guides will tour riders either through our one-hour route using the nearby Sawmill and McCormick Trails or on our three-hour route leading you through an expansive section of Dundas Valley Trails.

6. Are there bathroom facilities at the Campout?

  • There will be two Porta-Potties located in the camping area throughout the weekend. Modern washroom facilities are available during the day and located at the Dundas Valley Trail Centre with flush toilets and sinks.
  • Sorry, but there are no shower facilities at the Dundas Valley Conservation Area.

7. What do I do with my horse’s manure?

  • There will be a central location for wheelbarrows/pitchforks/muckbuckets that you are welcome to use and fill up. Dundas Valley staff will empty the wheelbarrows and muckbuckets throughout the weekend to help keep our event area clean.

8. Is there water available for my horse?

  • Water troughs will be on site throughout the event area and topped up daily for your use.

9. Where does the fundraising money go to?

  • All donations and fundraising monies collected directly benefit the Dundas Valley trail system through The Hamilton Conservation Foundation (HCF). HCF is a registered charity dedicated to the preservation and rehabilitation of the natural environment and cultural heritage within the Hamilton Conservation Authority Watershed.
  • Creating horse friendly bridges, repairing storm washouts and erosion issues, and improving trail conditions throughout the Dundas Valley have been the focus of the Equestrian Campout’s fundraising efforts for the last 10 years.

10. Where can I find a fundraising pledge form?

11. Can I help sponsor the event? What will my sponsorship help cover?

  • Absolutely! The Equestrian Campout would love help from your local barn, organization or business.
  • Your sponsorship would help cover costs associated with food, entertainment, manure removal, advertising, prizes, and everything else require to ensure our participants have an enjoyable weekend.

12. What is the discount for OEF members?

  • We are offering a discount of $5.00 per participant if a valid OEF membership number is provided when registering. At this time, we are not currently offering any other discounts for the campout.

Not sure how to find us? The event is located in the heart of the Dundas Valley Conservation Area at 650 Governor’s Road in Dundas, Ontario.

Click here to find us on Google Maps.

Still have some questions?

Feel free to call 905-525-2181 ext. 153 or e-mail carissa.bishop@conservationhamilton.ca.